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Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. (CELZ)

Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. (CMT) is a clinical stage stem cell company. Its focus is on Urology and Neurology utilizing stem cell treatments. CMT and its affiliate company, Creative Medical Health, Inc., have concentrated on regenerative medical solutions for unmet Urological and Neurological needs since 2011. The company has a patent portfolio covering all treatments. CMT has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

The company (via its own research and also collaborations with leading academic institutions) has acquired a pioneering stem cell (Amniostem), and developed proprietary protocols. It has also built an extensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio, developed complete treatment offerings for erectile dysfunction (ED), and launched a 40-patient trial for ED at UCLA. Moreover, CMT is making advances for treating stroke employing its newly acquired amniotic fluid-based stem cell.

Amniostem is Amniotic fluid derived stem cell. The Amniostem patent covers means to isolate, grow, and use amniotic fluid derived stem cells in a scalable and commercializable way. Amniostem therapy is a practical protocol for producing therapeutic quality stem cells starting from a small (1-5 ml) amniocentesis sample. Amniostem cells do not require matching with the recipient, as one size fits all.

CMT has its StemSpine™ initiative. This is a treatment designed to reverse the affects of atherosclerosis, which is the underlying disease that causes disc degeneration. CMT's solutions include Caverstem™ for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

The company has an exclusive rights agreement with UCLA for US patent application # 14/508763, encompassing the use of stem cells for the treatment of male infertility. Additionally, CMT has filed US patent application number #62319753, covering the treatment of female sexual dysfunction utilizing stem cell and progenitor cell populations.

CMT announced in July 2017 preclinical data showing exosomes harvested from its patented Amniostem amniotic fluid stem cell, selectively inhibit growth of glioma brain cancer cells. ?Exosomes are nanoparticles generated by a variety of cells that are critically involved in intercellular communication. CMT earlier filed patents on the use of Amniostem derived exosomes for the treatment of stroke.

Recently, CMT announced the filing of a patent application utilizing a combination of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drug together with the patient's own bone marrow derived stem cells for the treatment of stroke. The patent, entitled "Autologous Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells as a Substrate for Enhancement of Neuroregenerative Therapy", encompasses the use of the patient's bone marrow stem cells, together with an FDA approved drug, to stimulate the naturally occurring regenerative processes after certain kinds of strokes.

At present, CMT has two issued patents using the patient's own bone marrow stem cells covering disc regeneration #9,598,673, and erectile dysfunction #8,372,797. CMT recently reported completion of enrolment in its clinical trial for erectile dysfunction.

In addition, CMT recently announced completion of the safety data analysis on 20 patients with pharmacologically-resistant erectile dysfunction treated with the company's patented CaverStem™ procedure. The trial was sponsored by CMT. The trial was conducted at the University of California Los Angeles Harbor Hospital/LA Biomed under Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Furthermore, an independent medical safety monitor was appointed to review the patient data for safety and feasibility of administering bone marrow derived stem cells into patients with erectile dysfunction.




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