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CV Sciences, Inc. (CVSI)

CV Sciences, Inc. concentrates on developing and commercializing novel therapeutics employing synthetic Cannabidiol (CBD). A life science company, it operates two divisions - Consumer Products and Pharmaceuticals. These divisions are supported by its medical and scientific advisory board, and state-of-the art production facilities. The company formerly went by the name CannaVEST Corp. It changed its name to CV Sciences, Inc. in January of 2016. CV Sciences has main offices and facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Diego, California.

The company's Pharmaceutical Division is developing synthetically-formulated cannabidiol-based medicine. It is pursuing the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for drugs with specific indications utilizing cannabidiol as the active pharmaceutical ingredient. CV Sciences has achieved promising preclinical results in the development of cannabinoid medicines for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

The company's Consumer Products Division delivers botanical-based cannabidiol products that enhance quality of life. Each consumer products brand is backed by a formal safety review, a growing body of case reports, and physician's recommendations. In addition, CV Sciences manufactures, markets, and sells plant-based CBD products under the PlusCBD brand. This is for an assortment of market sectors, including nutraceutical, beauty care, specialty foods, as well as vape.

In December of 2015, CV Sciences acquired CanX, Inc. CanX is a Pre-Clinical drug development company. It is focusing on significant unmet medical needs. CanX's initial drug candidate is CVSI-007. CVSI-007 chewing gum combines CBD and Nicotine and it is patent pending. CVSI-007 is a proprietary chewing gum that combines synthetic CBD and nicotine to effectively treat smokeless tobacco addiction.

CV Sciences commenced its preclinical drug development program during Q2 of 2016, following the CanX acquisition. Its drug development efforts include pursuing synthetic-based Cannabidiol (CBD) drug candidates in areas that have the potential to provide important improvements in therapeutic patient treatments with substantial addressable markets.

The latest addition to the company's consumer products division is Purified Liquids™ (high quality, premium CBD vape e-liquids). The launch of this brand targets the growing vape industry. Purified Liquids™ is made from 99.9 percent CBD from hemp-derived crystals and contains 0 percent THC.

Recently, CV Sciences announced that it will be meeting with the FDA on June 15, 2017, to discuss its initial drug candidate (CVSI-007). CV Sciences' President and CEO, Mr. Michael Mona, Jr., commented concerning smokeless tobacco addiction, "Smokeless tobacco continues to be a major health hazard and epidemic … We believe our drug candidate can have a significant positive impact on patients seeking treatment. We look forward to our meeting with the FDA, as it will be essential to the design of our clinical development program and the filing of our Investigational New Drug (IND) application."




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