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Corix Bioscience, Inc. (CXBS)

Corix Bioscience, Inc. is a next generation tissue cell culture to pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid oil (CBD) manufacturer. The company is the developer of proprietary cannabis and industrial hemp strains utilizing tissue cell cultures to propagate living plants. Corix has plans to patent the strains to be used in the pharmaceutical medical industries. Corix Bioscience is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Its laboratory and processing facility is in Carson City, Nevada, and fields for growing the plants are in Genoa, Nevada.

Corix's mission is to create clean and consistent products in medical grade facilities. At present, it is looking at expanding its mark into Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona. The company is developing brand named products to be released early next year. Its team has more than five decades of experience in cultivating and extracting CBD and THCV oils from the industrial hemp plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis.

Corix Bioscience's methods allow it to create and breed new and existing plant strains from tissue cells free of any pathogens or disease. It grows these plants to maturity and extract the oils that are the "medicine" portion of the plant.

The company's location is on the Washoe Tribal Allotment in Minden, Nevada. Corix has secured a 25-year land lease with the Tribe family to cultivate and process the CBD and THCV oil.

This facility will be in the middle of a major corridor for product grown in Oregon, Northern California, as well as Nevada. Corix Bioscience is already permitted to grow here. The company has a number of other grows in a 25-mile radius and Southern Nevada.

Recently, Corix Bioscience announced that the company will move its tissue cell culture and research divisions into a new 10,122 square foot laboratory in Carson City, Nevada on a three-year lease. The lease began on August 1, 2017. The move will enable Corix Bioscience to produce greater than 3 million plantlets in the immediate future. It will set the company up to double that in the second full year. The new laboratory will be the first known tissue culture facility centered exclusively on the hemp and cannabis market.

In addition, Corix Bioscience recently announced that it signed an agreement with Positively Green Organics LLC for the resale of up to 22,000 pounds of industrial hemp monthly. Positively Green Organics (PGO) grows industrial hemp on a 160-acre plot of land just south of Carson City, Nevada to produce CBD oil. Of its 160 acres, Corix Bioscience plans to sell up to 22,000 pounds of hemp from 150 acres of PGO's harvest monthly.




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