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Drone USA, Inc. (DRUS)

Drone USA, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of low altitude drones and related technologies. The OTCQB-listed company's main target markets include U.S. police, firemen, as well as the U.S. Government. Drone USA designs and builds high quality drones, training, insurance, replacement parts and anything a customer requires to make sure their missions are successful. All the company's products will be manufactured and assembled in the U.S. Drone USA is based in West Haven, Connecticut.

The services the company offers include Real Estate Photography for Advertisement; Utility Inspection; and Construction Inspection & Photo/Video Marketing. Services also include Precision Agriculture; Search & Rescue Assistance; and Fire Hot Spot Location. All of Drone USA's drones operate with closed encrypted software. This is for national security purposes.

Howco Distributing Co. (Vancouver Washington) is a subsidiary of Drone USA. Howco Distributing is Drone USA's manufacturing supply chain segment. Howco Distributing is a premier supplier of spare and replacement parts to the United States Federal Government and commercial customers internationally. Howco is an authorized provider for hundreds of manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM's).

Recently, Drone USA announced that it demonstrated its Police Cyclops and Shadow Drones on Jennings Beach in Fairfield, Connecticut this past summer to a number of Connecticut law enforcement agencies. The company also announced in September that Dr. Len Harac is joining the Drone USA Board of Directors.

Mr. Michael Bannon, Chief Executive Officer of Drone USA, said in September, " … On the first mission, we sent Cyclops, our fixed wing drone, equipped with a high resolution zoom camera, to a small Island where the Fairfield Police said that boaters often get into trouble. Then our Cyclops ventured to an area where a thirty-six foot yacht sank the weekend before. Cyclops videoed the wreckage. Then it followed a path along the beach and safely landed in area where several Connecticut police departments where watching. On the second mission our Shadow drone equipped with a thermal camera scanned the swimming areas along the beach…"

Drone USA also recently announced that it is working on three profitable growth strategies. These are Police & U.S. Government drone sales; growing Howco Distributing's product line and reach; and acquiring companies that broaden Drone USA's product and customer base.

Pertaining to its Howco growth strategy, Drone USA is working to expand its reach through opening up two new distribution centers. This includes one in the southeast, possibly Louisiana, and the other in Connecticut or New Jersey.




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