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Gilla, Inc. (GLLA)

Gilla, Inc. manufactures, markets, and distributes E-liquid (the liquid used in vaporizers, and E-cigarettes) and other vaping hardware and accessories. E-cigarettes are increasingly being considered as an alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. They provide authentic smoking pleasure and do not burn tobacco. Nevertheless, they are not smoking cessation devices. Gilla's aim is to be a global leader in delivering the most efficient and effective vaping solutions for nicotine and cannabis related products. Gilla is also a developer of cannabis concentrate products.

Gilla is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and its manufacturing facility is in Daytona Beach, Florida. The company has entered the cannabis industry with the introduction of its new brand of E-liquids featuring Cannabidiol (CBD). Its new brand of CBD E-liquid products will be marketed under the new label "Enriched" and www.enrichedvapor.com.

Gilla's proprietary product portfolio includes Coil Glaze™, Siren, The Drip Factory, Craft Vapes™, Craft Clouds, Surf Sauce, Vinto Vape, and VaporLiq. Additionally, its portfolio includes Vape Warriors, Vapor's Dozen, Miss Pennysworth's Elixirs, The Mad Alchemist™, Replicant, Enriched Vapor, and Crown E-liquid™.

The company is working to build and license a broad portfolio of cannabis concentrate products with a multi-jurisdictional distribution strategy, which leverages its existing sales and distribution platform along with its branding and expertise in E-liquid as a nicotine delivery solution.

Recently, Gilla announced that its Toronto-based subsidiary, Gilla Enterprises, Inc., entered into its first production and distribution licensing agreement to introduce and launch Gilla's new portfolio of cannabis concentrate products. The Licensing Agreement was entered into with Alternative Medicine Association a Nevada-licensed medical marijuana establishment (MME) that was recently acquired by Friday Night, Inc., a Canadian-based public enterprise.

Alternative Medicine Association owns and operates a licensed medical marijuana cultivation and production facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Friday Night owns 91 percent of Alternative Medicine Association and 91 percent of Infused MFG, a company that produces hemp-based, CBD products from high quality organic botanical ingredients.

Gilla also recently announced that Gilla Enterprises closed the acquisition of all the outstanding shares of Vape Brands International, Inc., a Toronto-based manufacturer and distributor of E-liquid products, for a purchase price of up to $2,645,082. Through Vape Brands International, it acquired a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Toronto, six successful E-liquid brands, as well as a growing Canadian distribution network covering more than 500 retailers.




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