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Heliospectra AB (publ) (HLSPY)

Heliospectra AB (publ) specializes in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and greenhouse cultivation. The company designs, develops, manufactures, and sells lighting systems in Sweden and internationally. Heliospectra is a worldwide leader in intelligent lighting technology for horticulture controlled environments. OTCQB-listed, Heliospectra is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The company's lighting system provides an effective and durable technology for cultivating greenhouse and indoor plants through uniting numerous diverse groups of versatile Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) with optics, remote sensing techniques, and a strong heat dissipation solution. The company provides smarter LED grow lights for commercial greenhouses, indoor grow facilities, as well as research applications.

The design and engineering of Heliospectra's highly-engineered Heliospectra Light System is to replace traditional lighting solutions in commercial greenhouse environments. For indoor grow facilities, its patented lighting system enables an operation to grow plants, which look and taste better, have a longer shelf life, and boost the overall yield of its operation.

The company's patented solution enables growers to create customized lighting spectrum recipes. These recipes may be able to shorten a cannabis plant's flowering cycle and even alter a strain's balance of active cannabinoids.

Heliospectra's LED light systems make it possible to closely control the intensity of light wavelengths and to accurately match the spectrum to a particular plant. The spectral distribution of its systems (400nm to 735nm) is consistent with the action spectrum of photosynthesis and vital photomorphological receptors.

The company's LX60 Series has been third-party verified as one of the most efficient and versatile on the market. It has efficiency equal to a 1,000 W HID, with only half the energy use.

Heliospectra's E60 Series is a fixed spectrum, high intensity LED grow light fixture. The Plug-and-Play nature of the E60 provides immediate light. The fixture provides growers with quality light for horticulture crop production all year round.

Heliospectra has its new CORTEX light control software. Integrating with the company's intelligent LED lights and a light sensor, CORTEX provides commercial growers the industry's most advanced controls and automated schedules for supplemental light.

Recently, Heliospectra announced an order from Medical 420, a medicinal cannabis cultivation facility in Macedonia. The indoor controlled environment facility is investing in Heliospectra LED lighting solutions to improve quality, speed up harvest cycles, and increase yields. The order is valued at $117,000 USD (984,000 SEK).

Medical 420 is setting up a new vertical cultivation facility in Macedonia. It has selected Heliospectra's intense E60 series as sole-source lighting. The E60 was developed together with some of the world's foremost commercial growers. The lamp has an optimized spectrum.




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