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Imaging3, Inc. (IGNG)

Imaging3, Inc. is a provider of advanced technology medical imaging devices. The company has developed a patented medical imaging technology going by the name SmartScan™. This technology will produce 3D medical diagnostic images in real time in each of single 3D Safe-Scan, Continuous 3D Scan, and CT Safe-Scan mode. The company's technology will enable healthcare professionals utilizing Imaging3 lightweight portable devices to view 3D, high resolution images of almost any part of the human body in real time, even as they are performing procedures.

Imaging3 is headquartered in Burbank, California. This is its center for operations. Additionally, it is the center for the development of Imaging3's proprietary and patented 3D medical imaging system, the Dominion Volumetric Imaging Scanner (DVIS).

The technology employs high resolution fluoroscopy to build 3D images in real time. Additionally, Imaging3's technology exposes patients to considerably less harmful radiation than contemporary imaging technologies.

Imaging3's Dominion Volumetric Imaging Scanner (DVIS) is a proprietary and patented leading-edge mobile fluoroscopy technology. It produces high quality 3D images in Continuous 3D Scan mode and Single 3D SafeScan mode and also high quality 2D images in Continuous 2D Scan mode. DVIS is the only product in existence that can produce a combination of 2D, 3D, and CT imagery in a single device.

The company's products also include 3D Printers, C-Arms. Mini C-Arms, and Rentals. Imaging3 offers new, used, and demo C-Arms in all price ranges. Furthermore, the company offers its C-Arm rental programs.

Imaging3 signed a DVIS Software Remediation Proposal on August 26, 2016, with CriTech Research, Inc. of Saline, Michigan. CriTech agrees to document, verify, and validate Imaging3's patented device software for presentation to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as part of Imaging3's planned submission of an application for a 510(k) approval for its Volumetric Imaging Scanner (VIS). The project began on August 25, 2016.

Recently, Imaging3 announced that, after several months of verification and validation, CriTech Research has completed its remediation review and testing of Imaging3 DominionVI SmartScan™ software. As a result, this allows the company to move forward towards filing its FDA 510(k) application.

Mr. Dane Medley, Imaging3 President, stated: "It was fantastic working with CriTech and their team of engineers. CriTech has completed the software remediation/testing of our SmartScan™ software, and upon receipt of our final payment, CriTech will deliver the required documentation and final reports. The software is the lion's share of the technology underpinning our DominionVI imaging device, so CriTech's stamp of approval gives us confidence that we will find success with our 510(k) approval process."




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