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Indoor Harvest, Corp. (INQD)

Indoor Harvest Corp., by way of its brand name Indoor Harvest®, is a full service, state-of-the-art design-build engineering company for the vertical farming and indoor agriculture industry. The company provides production platforms and complete custom designed build outs for greenhouse and Building Integrated Agriculture (BIA) grows, tailored to the exact needs of almost any plant crop. Its patent pending aeroponic fixtures are based upon a modular concept in which main components are interchangeable. Indoor Harvest has its headquarters in Houston, Texas.

The company is developing its aeroponic and hydroponic systems for use by horticulture enthusiasts and commercial operators who look to use aeroponic and hydroponic vertical farming methods within a controlled indoor environment. Indoor Harvest's method enables the use of a central plant, or physical plant for operations. As a result, this cuts labor and maintenance costs.

The company also provides custom design build services and consulting to the vertical farming industry from shallow raft through nutrient film technology. Indoor Harvest addresses the limited availability of affordable, advanced agricultural systems for vertical indoor farming for middle market operations.

The design of its products is for the production of aeroponic leafy greens, micro-greens, fruiting plants, and herbs. Indoor Harvest's products and systems can be adapted for an array of other uses. These include horticulture research, medicinal plant production, pharmaceutical plant production, plant cloning, as well as hardwood propagation.

The patent pending Indoor Harvest® Modular Aeroponic System is based around seven chief fixture components. These fixtures consist of an Aeroponic Growth Tray (AGT), Aeroponic Growth Lid (AGL), Aeroponic Spray Manifold (ASM), Aeroponic Pressure Manifold (APM), Nutrient Delivery System (NDS), Water Reclamation and Recirculation System, and Lift Station (LS). These individual fixtures are combined to create a variety of aeroponic system configurations. They enable modular system construction.

Indoor Harvest is the lead commercial partner and co-developer of The City of Pasadena's Clara Initiative. This Community Located Agriculture Research Area (a.k.a., CLARA) will be home to a unique, industrial-sized program launched by the City of Pasadena to redevelop the northern footprint of the city.

Indoor Harvest and select retail partners (in cooperation with The National Build Health Awareness Initiative For Healthy Living) are creating a huge, fully-functional indoor farming facility, highlighting the latest technological and methodological innovations in building integrated agriculture.

Recently, Indoor Harvest announced an alliance with OneWorld Business Finance via its division US Energy Capital (OneWorld), to assist with financing for its customers and projects. This new relationship will permit OneWorld to expand their business offering in this new industry. Moreover, it will allow clients expanded options for financing.

Mr. John Choo, Indoor Harvest's Chief Executive Officer, said, "After conducting a search for a company that combined the experience we were looking for with the flexibility our clients need, we chose OneWorld. A centrally planned indoor farm facility is a cost intensive project. This partnership gives the operators in the industry a strong option to reduce their initial costs and efficiently manage their cashflow while they focus on growing crops and revenue."




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