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ImageWare Systems, Inc. (IWSY)

ImageWare Systems, Inc. is a top developer of mobile and cloud-based multi-modal biometric identity management solutions, providing biometric, secure credential, and law enforcement technologies. The company's biometric product line is scalable for global deployment. ImageWare's biometric product line includes a multi-biometric engine. This engine is hardware and algorithm independent. This allows the enrollment and management of unlimited population sizes. ImageWare Systems is based in San Diego, California.

The company's identification products are used to manage and issue secure credentials. This includes national IDs, passports, driver's licenses, smart cards, and access control credentials. Its digital booking products provide law enforcement with integrated mug shot, fingerprint livescan, as well as investigative capabilities.

ImageWare Systems has its EPI Builder®. This provides the foundation for a multi-modal biometric capture platform that ensures device interoperability and support for centralized and distributed deployment models. Furthermore, products include IWS Biometric Engine®. This is the first and only truly multi-modal, device-and algorithm-independent biometric software platform.

Moreover, ImageWare has its GoCloudID.com. GoCloudID.com is a highly modular, SOA-based software platform. It delivers a first-class capability to rapidly develop and deploy highly secure, yet flexible standards based identity solutions.

The company's next-generation cloud identity management and authentication service is GoMobile Interactive™ (GMI). GMI is a cloud-based, multi-modal biometric mobile identity management solution. GMI is constructed upon the award-winning IWS Biometric Engine® (IWS BE), an SOA based server platform that enables advanced biometric data process and management with ESB connectivity.

ImageWare delivers unique mobile capabilities to the wireless, financial services, and healthcare sectors. The pillphone® enabled by ImageWare's GoMobile interactive push application platform, is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared. It is the only mobile health management application secured by biometrics. Additionally, the company has its GoVerifyID solution. GoVerifyID is its patented mobile biometric user authentication solution.

Also, ImageWare Systems has its GoVerifyID® Enterprise Suite, an inventive, multi-modal, multi-factor biometric authentication solution for the enterprise market. GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite is an algorithm-agnostic solution. It is the first ever end-to-end biometric platform, which seamlessly integrates with an enterprise's existing Microsoft infrastructure, providing businesses a turnkey biometric solution for quick deployment in an afternoon or less.

Recently, ImageWare Systems announced that it and Info X Distribution entered into an agreement enabling Info X Distribution to market and resell ImageWare Systems' GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite and SaaS solutions. Info X Distribution (based in New Jersey) is an international distributor of storage and networking solutions. Its specialty is the distribution of storage, software, and server connectivity of virtualized networks and cloud environments. Info X Distribution provides top-tier solutions to greater than 2,000 VARs, VMware Resellers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and System Integrators.

ImageWare Systems expanded its agreement with Fujitsu to support mobile devices and market the GoVerifyID group of products in Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and the Americas. ImageWare has also finalized the integration of biometric identity management and credentialing software into five Alaskan airports. The company was recognized by CIO Applications as one of the "Top 25 Cyber Security Companies for 2017."




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