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Micromem Technologies, Inc. (MMTIF)

OTC BB-listed, Micromem Technologies, Inc. is a leader in viable Sensor Technology and MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory). At present, the company is focused on magnetic sensor applications via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies, Inc. (MAST, Inc.). Micromem Technologies is based in Toronto, Ontario.

The company's MAST, Inc. subsidiary concentrates on developing and marketing the delivery of unique magnetic sensor applications in industries including Defense, Life Sciences, Automotive, Consumer, and Mining. Micromem's technologies and solutions include surface functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles; nanoparticle detection platforms to sub-ppb detection levels; customized integration of NEMS/MEMS sensor platforms; magnetic sensor solutions; and sensor-based analytical solution platforms.

In addition, technologies and solutions include structural integrity sensors; wireless suib-surface power solutions; asset protection sensor platforms; and energy storage solutions. Micromem Technologies designs, develops and provides sensors specific to industry requirements.

The company's MAST, Inc. subsidiary is based in New York, New York. MAST develops MEMS/NEMS solutions through combining disparate sensor modalities to create solutions for clients' problems. MAST is not a product company. MAST works closely with its clients during development to ensure a smooth transfer to their production facility.

Regarding its Magnetic Nanoparticle Detection Platform, MAST, working with a leader in the oil industry, has developed an instrument that detects breakthrough water in production oil wells through magnetic and optical sensor techniques. Moreover, concerning Energy Storage Solutions, MAST, working together with an energy storage company and a foremost U.S. utility, is providing sensor technology and overall system and product integration management for the practical realization of a new energy storage system. The system will enable lower costs than building new power generating plants.

Recently, Micromem Technologies, by way of its MAST subsidiary, announced it received notice that the sixth and final patent application filed for the oil pan plug was published (#US-2017-0074853-A1). The company's expectation is that the patent will be granted over the next few months. This completes the patents filed in this series. It gives Micromem Technologies control of the intellectual property (IP) required for this product.

Micromem said that the value to the company extends beyond the use of this patented core technology for the oil pan plug. It can also be utilized for measuring and monitoring contaminants in other fluids, including, but not limited to, fuel and hydraulic fluids, thus opening up more opportunities for Micromem.




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