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1pm Industries, Inc. (OPMZ)

1pm Industries, Inc.'s business focuses on the sale and distribution of medical marijuana under the award-winning brand, Von Baron Farms. The OTCQB-listed company launched www.vonbaronlabs.com, which sells its complete CBD line. Products can be purchased by anyone and shipped anywhere in the United States. 1pm Industries is based in Beverly Hills, California.

The Von Baron Family originated in the Bordeaux valley of France. Today, the Von Baron family provides people with the medical benefits of medical herbs with a modern twist on its old recipes. Von Baron Labs' products are extracted from industrial hemp plants. They contain no THC, which is the psychoactive constituent in marijuana. The CBD hemp oil extracts in any form are legal in every State in the U.S.

1pm Industries' Nano-CBD are ion-sized nutrients of CBD encased with water molecules. Due to their very small size, nano-particles ingested in food and water are basically different. In addition, they can move throughout the body in advanced ways via cells' membranes. Generally, only 7-10 percent of CBD ingested is absorbed and used by the body. However, nanotechnology enables the body to absorb up to 95 percent of the CBD.

1pm Industries' CBD product line includes 50 mg and 100mg CBD versions of its multiple award winning Cookie Spread; CBD Shots; BuzzKill, which contains 50Mg of CBD; Shake and Pour Pancake and Waffle Mix, and CBD Gummie. Additionally, the company's product line includes CBD Daily Protection and CBD Antibiotic Ointment.

1pm Industries has launched its CBD Shot and E-Commerce Site for its Nano-Cannabidiol (Nano-CBD) product line. The CBD shot is a 1.9 ounce CBD shot with the equivalent of 100mg of CBD. The company states that its CBD Shot has some anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety benefits. This is without any kind of high. The CBD Shot doesn't put a person to sleep, it calms a person down.

1pm Industries has expanded its award winning Von Baron Farms products to the Southern California region. It began delivering product to dispensaries in Southern California in June 2016. The company started selling its medical marijuana products to dispensaries in California in January of last year. Overall, 1pm Industries, through Von Baron Farms, will expand its product line to include up to 15 products.




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