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PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. (PMCB)

PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. centers on developing targeted treatments for cancer and diabetes applying its signature live cell encapsulation technology, Cell-in-a-Box®. This innovative and patented technology is being utilized as a platform upon which treatments for many types of cancer, including advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer, and diabetes are being built. A clinical stage biotechnology company, PharmaCyte Biotech is based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The company is also working towards improving the quality of life of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer and on developing treatments for other types of solid cancerous tumors. PharmaCyte Biotech's treatment for pancreatic cancer involves low doses of the recognized anticancer prodrug ifosfamide, together with encapsulated live cells, which convert ifosfamide into its active or "cancer-killing" form. These capsules are placed as close to the cancerous tumor as possible. This is to enable the delivery of the highest levels of the cancer-killing drug at the source of the cancer.

PharmaCyte is also developing treatments for cancer based upon chemical constituents of the Cannabis plant, called cannabinoids. It is studying ways to exploit the benefits of Cell-in-a-Box® technology in optimizing the anticancer effectiveness of cannabinoids, while minimizing or outright eliminating the debilitating side effects usually associated with cancer treatments.

The live-cell encapsulation technology that PharmaCyte Biotech employs is a way to enclose living cells in protective "cocoons" around the size of the head of a pin. The company encapsulates living cells, not drugs. Each capsule can enclose approximately 10,000 cells. This number can vary depending upon the size of the cells encapsulated. PharmaCyte Biotech is advancing its new treatment for pancreatic cancer into the clinic in the U.S, with study sites in Europe and Australia.

PharmaCyte Biotech announced this past April that its research partner, the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), has made considerable progress with PharmaCyte's Cannabis Research Program. Notable is that a parental cell line identical to that being used in the company's Cell-in-a-Box® + ifosfamide pancreas cancer therapy is being used to develop a therapy for cancer using cannabinoids as the chemotherapy agent.

Recently, PharmaCyte Biotech announced the appointment of Dr. Michael M. Abecassis to the company's Board of Directors. Dr. Abecassis is a renowned transplantation surgeon at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Dr. Abecassis is the Director of the Comprehensive Transplant Center of the Feinberg School of Medicine. In addition, he is the Chief of Transplant Surgery in the Department of Surgery at Feinberg as well as a James Roscoe Miller Distinguished Professor of Medicine at Feinberg.

The company also announced the appointment of Linda S. Sher, M.D. as its Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Sher is a Professor of Clinical Surgery and Director of Clinical Research in the Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and Abdominal Organ Transplantation at the University of Southern California's (USC's) Keck School of Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Sher is the Chief of the Division of Clinical Research for the Department of Surgery. She is also the Vice Chair of the USC Institutional Review Board.




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