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NaturalShrimp, Inc. (SHMP)

NaturalShrimp, Inc. is a global leader in aquaculture technology. The company has developed and tested the first commercially-viable system for growing shrimp indoors. The system utilizes a proprietary technology to reliably produce healthy, naturally-grown shrimp each week without the use of antibiotics or toxic chemicals.

NaturalShrimp has its headquarters in La Coste, Texas. The company lists on the OTC Markets Group's OTCQB. NaturalShrimp, Inc. owns 100 percent of NaturalShrimp Corporation, created to operate in the U.S. and Canada, and 100 percent of NaturalShrimp Global, Inc., established to create International Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships.

NaturalShrimp has developed a technology to produce fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp dependably and economically in an indoor, re-circulating, saltwater facility. NaturalShrimp's eco-friendly, bio-secure design does not rely on ocean water. It recreates the natural ocean environment allowing for high-density production that can be replicated anywhere in the world.

The NaturalShrimp Automated Monitoring and Control system uses individual tank monitors to automatically control the feeding, the oxygenation, and the temperature of each of the facility tanks independently. Furthermore, a facility computer running custom software communicates with each of the controllers and performs additional data acquisition functions that can report back to a supervisory computer from anywhere in the world. These computer automated water controls optimize the growing conditions for the shrimp as they mature to harvest size. This provides a disease-resistant production environment.

NaturalShrimp's production facility is outside of San Antonio, Texas. Its European partner has built a production facility in Medina del Campo, Spain. Expansion plans include domestic and global production facilities and distribution channels.

NaturalShrimp, along with its technology partner F&T Water Solutions, LLC, has teamed with Filtertech, Inc. on manufacturing the production equipment package to initially be deployed at the company's La Coste, Texas facility. This proprietary equipment package is the mainstay of the company's earlier announced patented technology.

This equipment covers NaturalShrimp's base process of growing healthful, naturally grown shrimp without the use of chemicals and/or antibiotics. Filtertech is a global producer of liquid filtration and waste disposal equipment for industrial applications.




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