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Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. (SPIN)

Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. is a technology-driven, medical service, device and healthcare solution business. The company services the multi-billion-dollar spine injury sector. It facilitates diagnostic services for patients who have sustained spine injuries resulting from traumatic accidents. The company previously went by the name Spine Pain Management, Inc. It changed its corporate name to Spine Injury Solutions, Inc. in October 2015. Spine Injury Solutions has its headquarters in Houston, Texas.

In essence, Spine Injury Solutions is a technology, marketing, billing, and collection company. It facilitates diagnostic services for patients who have sustained spine injuries. The company underwrites healthcare services related to liability spine injuries. It has developed a fast-trax™ system, utilizing its patent pending video technology to speed up case management and claims settlement. This is while creating complete transparency of forensic data to facilitate the insurance and legal process.

Spine Injury Solutions' services include clinic management and billing/collection of medical costs. The company delivers turnkey solutions to spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and other healthcare providers that provide needed and appropriate treatment of musculo-skeletal spine injuries resulting from automobile and work-related accidents. The company's care management services help decrease the financial burden on healthcare providers that provide patients with early-stage diagnostic testing and non-invasive surgical care, preventing many patients from being unnecessarily delayed or hindered from obtaining necessary treatment.

Spine Injury Solutions has its Quad Video Halo (QVH). This is a highly scalable video integrated operating room technology. The system meets the requirements of medical practices and major hospital systems.

In May of 2012, Spine Injury Solutions acquired the Intellectual Property (IP) for the patent-pending, video-enhanced platform system, Quad Video HALO Technology™ (Quad Video HALO – [QVH]). This provides even more transparent and impartial evidence to medical, legal, as well as insurance entities. A nationwide marketing initiative for QVH launched in November 2016.

Spine Injury Solutions uses its Quad Video HALO Technology™ to create a quad screen multi-media view of the treatment process. This is incorporated into patients' medical records. Quad Video HALO Technology™ attaches to the video Fluoroscopic Guidance unit to hover above patients' sterile field to take a close-up video of the procedure.

In November 2016, Spine Injury Solutions reported Q3 2016 financial results. Select highlights include the Q3 Loss of $178,401 decreasing 19 percent from $219,674 in Q3 15. This is the fourth consecutive quarterly decrease in loss. Moreover, Q3 Collections of $575,000 were the highest of the year, passing the $15 million milestone since inception. In addition, the company had Q3 Gross Margins of 68 percent, which is a new record level.




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